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FRP/GRP Enclosures/Cabinets

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FRP/GRP Enclosures/Cabinets
FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) enclosures have been used for several decades in various sectors and industries. The FRP enclosures manufactured by us possess following attributes:
  • Maintenance free operations.

  • Non-corrosive and immune to galvanic or electrolyte erosion.

  • Lower maintenance cost and long lasting services.

  • Lower thermal expansion.

  • Can withstand high vibration and impact forces.

  • Ability to fabricate multi directional mechanical properties.

  • Excellent fatigue and fracture resistance.

  • Simplification of manufacturing by having whole unit as an integral piece without joints or welds.

  • Lower tooling cost alternatives.

  • High specific strength properties (20-40% weight savings) GRP (Glass-reinforced plastic) is a composite material or fiber-reinforced plastic made of silicone based glass fabric having very thin strands and laminated using Polyester based resin (thermo setting plastic) which when cured will result in very high mechanical strength. It has advantages like corrosion-free, strength that almost matches metals (non-reinforced plastic material has approximately 100 times less stability) and by increasing wall thickness and optimum fiber alignment the enclosure can be made with extra reinforcing at the edges. Apart from all this, FRP and GRP enclosures, we manufacture are used for aircraft drop electronic guidance boxes, electrical panels, generator cabinets for controlling noise pollution etc.

  • Double side finish will be provided in case of large enclosures.
The panels and enclosures manufactured by us satisfy the following specifications:
  • IP standards to suit upto IP 65 that includes IP 42/55/56 etc.

  • NEMA equivalent standards will also be complied.

  • UV stabilized external coat.

  • Gland plate will be supplied mounted inside the cabinet.

  • Rittal equivalent 3 point locks, cam locks, EPDM extruded gasket, IP rated fan and filter with necessary fixtures will be supplied.

  • Canopy for rain water drain will be a single piece manufacturing mounted and fixed as integral unit.

  • Battery trays and covers will be provided as per customers’ specifications.

Product Specification
any size, No joints: RAL 7032/ 7035
Multi door, integral body
PAT applied structure similar to Rittal
detachable canopy/plinth